Original wedding ideas: entertainment for guests
A memorable wedding is a fun wedding. A holiday where you can have fun from the heart and charge with positive emotions is sure to be stored in the memory…

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Wedding Venues: Make The Right Choice
One of the main components of a beautiful and memorable wedding is a perfect place for a banquet. Banquet rooms for a wedding should not only be bewitching by design,…

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Drink bars
Do you want to surprise guests with unusual drinks and their beautiful presentation? Then organize a drink-bar or a bar with drinks at the wedding. And we are talking about…

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Welcome zone at the wedding: meeting guests

A wedding is an amazing celebration, which stands out among other holidays for its scale and uniqueness. Therefore, I want everything to be perfect at the wedding: from wedding dresses and a banquet hall to a host and entertainments for guests.

Any event, including a wedding, begins with the arrival of guests. And so that guests will remember your celebration as a fun and interesting event, you should take care of organizing a welcome zone at the wedding, where your family and friends can wait until the wedding ceremony or banquet begins. What is it and why is it needed, the portal will tell you. Continue reading

Top 11 modern entertainment for guests

A wedding is a unique event in the life of each couple. Therefore, all newlyweds want their celebration to be bright, memorable and impressive. And here it is important to think through everything to the smallest detail: from buying wedding dresses and decorating the hall to choosing entertainment for guests. If you do not want your friends and relatives to be bored at the wedding, prepare the most interesting entertainments for them. Portal presents to your attention the top 11 modern entertainment for guests.
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Social networks and weddings: be in trend!

The life of a modern person is impossible to imagine without social networks. And if earlier they were used only for communication, now social. Networks actively penetrate into other spheres of life, in particular, in the organization and preparation of holidays. Yes! You read it right – at the wedding and in preparation for it, you can successfully use social networks! And how to do this, tells the portal

Social networks and wedding
Social networks – “helpers” in preparation for the wedding
Social networks can bring significant benefits in preparation for the wedding, in particular, with the help of social services. networks can: Continue reading

The final chord of the wedding: how to end the celebration?

Effectively complete the wedding, as important as it is beautiful to start. In order for the final of the celebration to be impressive and interesting, you should think in advance how you can surprise guests at the end of the holiday. Portal offers you 10 options: from classic to creative.

Wedding finale
Classic is always in fashion!
You can end the traditional celebration with beautiful wedding ceremonies and rituals:

Removing the veil. This ceremony is carried out in such a way: the mother-in-law removes the veil to the bride, which symbolizes the girl’s acceptance into her family and the blessing of marriage with her son, and puts a scarf on her head – from this moment the girl ceases to be a bride and becomes a wife. Continue reading

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Menu for a wedding party (options)
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