Top 10 wedding entertainment instead of banal contests
If earlier, for the entertainment of guests at the wedding, competitions were organized, then modern newlyweds prefer something more creative and interesting. How to entertain guests at the holiday and…

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Wedding banquet with round tables - a fashion trend of the West
A wedding is a creative approach to organizing a significant day. To make the wedding brilliant and unique, hold a wedding banquet in the circle of close and dear people.…

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Wedding venue: the best option price and level of service
A wedding is an important event in the life of every person, it is a magical holiday! I want this celebration to be unforgettable. And for this we need to…

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Wedding bar: types and ideas

If earlier at the wedding banquet you could meet only a buffet table with champagne and snacks, now the newlyweds embody a variety of ideas in order to diversify the wedding menu and surprise guests. First of all, we are talking about a thematic bar, which is becoming the center of global attention.

Many of you have heard of the candy bar, however, this is just one type of wedding bar from the many options available. So, let’s look at what types of bars are, and also decide which bar is suitable for your wedding.

If you want to treat guests with interesting treats that are difficult to include in the general menu, then you can organize a themed food bar at the wedding. Depending on the products offered, the following types of food bars are distinguished: Continue reading

Menu for a wedding party (options)

The intricacies of compiling a wedding menu almost always frighten future newlyweds, because no one needs to talk about the guests being hungry at the wedding and the kitchen awful. Of course, you can play it safe and order a lot more, but that’s where to put the remaining portions. And the money spent on extra dishes can be used more wisely. What is the most profitable way to emphasize the wedding menu, be it a wedding buffet, a picnic in nature or a full-fledged banquet in a restaurant? How to take into account the quantity and quality of wedding dishes and please guests? Our portal will tell you about this.

In order to correctly draw up a banquet menu, you need to answer a number of questions:

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An original plan for seating guests at a wedding

Every little thing is of great importance in organizing a wedding celebration, as future spouses strive to make this day impeccable and memorable. The seating plan for the guests plays an important role at the wedding, as it allows you to avoid the hustle and bustle of the banquet hall: each guest can easily find their name in the list and go to the specified table. The very seating of the guests at the wedding is carried out by the newlyweds in accordance with the common interests of the guests: most often, relatives on the part of the husband sit at one table, relatives on the part of the bride – at the other, friends – at the third. Continue reading

Wedding Reception: Organization Tips

Do you want to celebrate the wedding in an original way without sitting at the banquet table all evening? Then with the maximum probability we assure that you will like the wedding buffet. Firstly, it is stylish and trendy. And about the other features of the organization of the wedding in the form of a buffet, we will discuss further.

Buffet Wedding: Pros and Cons
Should I give preference to the buffet table instead of the usual banquet? Let’s weigh the pros and cons. Consider the main advantages of a buffet at a wedding:

Lack of strict reference to the number of guests.
Abundance and variety of dishes. Continue reading

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Wedding Hall: An Abundance of Style and Taste
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Arrangement of wedding tables and accommodation of guests
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