Wedding Reception: Organization Tips
Do you want to celebrate the wedding in an original way without sitting at the banquet table all evening? Then with the maximum probability we assure that you will like…

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How to decorate tables at a wedding party?
A scanty vase with a flower? An unsightly accessory that neither in color nor in design suits your wedding? The standard table layout that guests can see when they arrive…

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Buffet zone of the wedding - subtleties of decoration
A buffet at the wedding and a buffet at the wedding are two completely different concepts. Why mention - because many tend to confuse, and even confuse these designations. A…

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Original wedding ideas: entertainment for guests

A memorable wedding is a fun wedding. A holiday where you can have fun from the heart and charge with positive emotions is sure to be stored in the memory of everyone present for many years. And if your couple pursues this very goal, then we, the team, have specially prepared for you some unusual ideas for the wedding, which will help to make the holiday brighter and more interesting.

Fortunately for today’s newlyweds, the scenario of a modern wedding can include absolutely any ideas and even small insanities. And it’s just a sin not to take this opportunity to please yourself and surprise your loved ones.

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How to choose a leader for the wedding: let’s talk about the most important

Nothing takes time for the newlyweds so much as the choice of a truly experienced, talented and best wedding host. But how not to make a mistake in choosing? After all, each wedding toastmaster declares his professionalism and individual approach to the celebration. Do not be fooled!

An experienced toastmaster is the goal of all newlyweds
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Wedding Hall: An Abundance of Style and Taste

There are several subtleties. First of all, the order of the wedding hall must be done at least a month, or even a half (especially true in the season). Moreover, you should clearly know how many guests will be invited, how much you are going to set the table for, and whether you will make additional purchases of alcohol.

Further business professionals. They will tell you what dishes to order, how to arrange wedding tables in the hall. Today rent is not paid separately. What you need to consider is the requirement of a cafe or restaurant to place an order for a certain amount, again, based on the number of guests. Continue reading

Wedding banquet in Moscow

Muscovites and guests of the capital, unlike residents of other cities, have a large selection of restaurants and banquet rooms. Moreover – it is redundant. Too many options – and each option has its own subtleties when calculating the final price of a wedding banquet. For this reason, young people sometimes even fall into a little stress and choose their own – no, not at the first restaurant that comes across, but at that room in which everything is more or less satisfied, but not because of its ideality, but simply because of the complete a breakdown and reluctance to look at the remaining options. And this is not surprising – trips around Moscow are not the most pleasant thing, do not forget about almost round-the-clock traffic jams and the overcrowding of the Moscow metro.
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Arrangement of wedding tables and accommodation of guests

Have you already decided on the number of guests and the venue of the wedding banquet, approved the festive menu and decorated the hall? We proceed to the next stage of the preparation of the wedding celebration: we select the table arrangement and seating arrangements. There are a great many options for arranging wedding tables, which one will be optimal for you, depends on the number of guests and on individual tastes.

If you are planning a wedding in the circle of your closest, the most convenient will be the arrangement of wedding tables in the shape of the letter “T”. At the end of the table should be put the bride and groom, as well as witnesses and parents. Guests will sit facing each other, which is ideal for well-known people. Continue reading

Welcome zone at the wedding: meeting guests
A wedding is an amazing celebration, which stands out among other holidays for its scale and uniqueness. Therefore, I want everything to be perfect at the wedding: from wedding dresses…


Classical Wedding Music: Pros and Cons
What can no wedding do without? Right, no dancing. And you need to dance, of course, to the music. You should also remember about such a key moment of this…


Buffet zone of the wedding - subtleties of decoration
A buffet at the wedding and a buffet at the wedding are two completely different concepts. Why mention - because many tend to confuse, and even confuse these designations. A…


Wedding banquet with round tables - a fashion trend of the West
A wedding is a creative approach to organizing a significant day. To make the wedding brilliant and unique, hold a wedding banquet in the circle of close and dear people.…