Wedding Reception: Organization Tips
Do you want to celebrate the wedding in an original way without sitting at the banquet table all evening? Then with the maximum probability we assure that you will like…

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Wedding Reception: Organization Tips

Do you want to celebrate the wedding in an original way without sitting at the banquet table all evening? Then with the maximum probability we assure that you will like the wedding buffet. Firstly, it is stylish and trendy. And about the other features of the organization of the wedding in the form of a buffet, we will discuss further.

Buffet Wedding: Pros and Cons
Should I give preference to the buffet table instead of the usual banquet? Let’s weigh the pros and cons. Consider the main advantages of a buffet at a wedding:

Lack of strict reference to the number of guests.
Abundance and variety of dishes.A wedding reception with competent organization can be cheaper than the main banquet.
More friendly and free atmosphere, entertainment by interests.
Speaking about the shortcomings, it is worth noting that:

The duration of the buffet was no more than 2 hours, which is suitable for a small celebration without a grand celebration or in the format of a wedding party.

Buffet table for a wedding: can you do it yourself?
We destroy the well-established myth that a wedding in the form of a buffet reception is very expensive. Let’s understand why this is not a completely true statement. Guided by the basic rules, you can easily organize a buffet table for a wedding and save. The first thing you need to pay attention to:

There should be more dishes than invited ones, since during the buffet table people move freely around the hall, not always watching plates and other devices.
The total amount of food per guest is approximately 500 grams, which is almost half less than when calculating the banquet.
Whatever menu you consider, remember that the visual picture of dishes at the celebration should be perfect – very appetizing and attractive. No matter how tasty the patties and grandmother’s pies are, do not forget that they have no place at the wedding buffet. Simple recipes and unusual presentation are the key to the success of such a menu.
Be sure to pay attention to the design of the hall and the buffet tables. Use flower arrangements, candles, etc. Think about the musical accompaniment.

Snack Zone and Salad Zone
Snacks at the wedding buffet in the form of a variety of canapes, tartlets, beautiful cuts will attract the maximum attention of the guests. An abundance of olivier or fur coats at a wedding has not surprised anyone for a long time, and some can even be upset. Let guests choose their own salads, providing a variety of colors and tastes. Keep in mind that dressings are required for any salad – dressings that combine ingredients with each other and give them a special taste (spicy, sweet and sour, spicy, etc.). You can prepare separately sliced ​​ingredients, which, if desired, will be combined by the cook into a certain salad on the go. Pay special attention to the appearance of the offered treats (hardly anyone wants to try a casually chopped salad dressed with a lot of mayonnaise).

It is a highly specialized buffet zone for a wedding. Agree, it’s very strange to watch sushi, seafood, red fish, caviar on the festive table next to all kinds of salads and canapes. For lovers of fish specialties, the portal advises you to choose exclusively them. Moreover, such delicacies are always within the framework of modern trends.

This French dish has conquered millions of hearts, being an incredibly mouth-watering themed treat. Give guests pleasure by preparing a base of good cheese, placing containers next to vegetables, ham and crackers. For true connoisseurs of sweets, we offer chocolate fondue with an abundance of fruits, marmalade and marshmallows. We are sure that it’s impossible to pass by. Children will especially enjoy such a treat.

Cocktail area
What if instead of or in addition to champagne, wine and vodka at the wedding, we offer guests original cocktails? For a spring wedding, drinks based on natural soft drinks are suitable. Cocktail ideas for a summer wedding – a cooling drink with berry, fruit and mint flavors. In autumn, the need to cool disappears, so at this time, pay attention to cocktails in burgundy-yellow hues. Often, these include drinks based on brandy or rum with the addition of liquor or juice. Especially in honor in the fall pumpkin cocktails.

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