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Original wedding ideas: entertainment for guests

A memorable wedding is a fun wedding. A holiday where you can have fun from the heart and charge with positive emotions is sure to be stored in the memory of everyone present for many years. And if your couple pursues this very goal, then we, the team, have specially prepared for you some unusual ideas for the wedding, which will help to make the holiday brighter and more interesting.

Fortunately for today’s newlyweds, the scenario of a modern wedding can include absolutely any ideas and even small insanities. And it’s just a sin not to take this opportunity to please yourself and surprise your loved ones.

Happy wedding
Outdoor Fun
Bright photo shoot
Wedding entertainment: interesting ideas
As a rule, when planning a celebration, most newlyweds pay maximum attention to their appearance, menu and design of a banquet hall, and the choice of wedding contractors. This is all, of course, very important. But undeservedly entertainment for guests fade into the background. After all, an entertainment program for guests is included in the price of the services of the host. And as a result, wedding ideas do not differ in novelty, and jokes even go from celebration to celebration.

This approach is fundamentally wrong! A couple should personally think about entertainment for friends and relatives! So you will be sure that everyone has found something to their liking.

Wedding photo zone
Who in our time does not like to take pictures, especially against the background of a stylishly decorated photo zone? Organization of a photo zone is a great opportunity to please guests, because everyone wants to get some original photos from their wedding day.

As beautiful and unusual ideas, photozones for a wedding can be used:

Doors, windows, “walls.” Lightweight textiles, flowers, candles, inscriptions and voluminous words are suitable as decoration;
Photozone. Wall with windows
Stylish photo zone
Photozone for an eco-wedding
Photo zone for a vintage wedding
Furniture. It can be like a soft sofa or armchairs, or it can be tables and chairs decorated with flowers, treats, candles and utensils;
Romantic decision
Photozone in nature
Photozone for a Russian wedding
Flowers Nothing pleases the eye like bright and beautiful flowers. And if you decide to decorate the photo zone with living plants – your guests will be fascinated not only by the decor, but also by the aroma of the floral photo zone. At a wedding, such an idea is especially appreciated by girls;
Flower Photo Zone
Huge flowers for the photo zone
Flowers and Textiles
Paper. In skilled hands, paper turns into original jewelry for the photo zone. As an idea at modern weddings, you can find unusual paper flowers, pompons, garlands, etc. Turn on the imagination and come up with something of your own, original. After all, paper allows you to realize almost any idea.
Paper flowers
Pompons and paper heart
Unusual photo zone with a garland of paper
And ideas on photo zones do not end there! Do not be afraid to be original!

Outdoor games
Growing up, we forget how great it is to play outdoors. Remind your guests of the happy moments of childhood, especially such entertainment will be good as an idea for a summer wedding.

Invite guests to play:

In huge checkers / chess;
In tug of war;
To the jenga, or the pulling of wooden blocks from a tower;
Running in bags, etc.
Bag running
Tic Tac Toe
Active guests at the wedding
Gigantic chess for a wedding
Photographer and video operator
Invite a separate video operator for guests. It will help to shoot a clip for friends and relatives, where everyone can originally congratulate the newly-made family. And the photographer will pamper loved ones with beautiful professional photographs.

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