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Wedding banquet with round tables – a fashion trend of the West

A wedding is a creative approach to organizing a significant day. To make the wedding brilliant and unique, hold a wedding banquet in the circle of close and dear people.

Banquet room with round tables
The success of a wedding banquet directly depends on the right banquet hall. Indeed, the presence of a highly comfortable, spacious, comfortable room with a beautiful and elegant interior, excellent cuisine and qualified staff is a guarantee of a good mood and confidence that the event will be held with a bang.

Today, along with the wedding portal, you will learn about all the nuances that must be considered when organizing a wedding banquet with round tables.

Wedding banquet with round tables
Today you can find a wide variety of banquet rooms: spacious, comfortable, modern, etc. Without a doubt, it is clear that each of the halls has its own advantages. I would like to note that no matter how wonderful the room is, the tables, their shape and location play a significant role in it.

Wedding banquet with round tables
Most often, they choose the classic arrangement of tables in a U-shaped form. But since you want to make your wedding a unique event, you need to take care of the original furniture for the banquet hall and creative decoration of the wedding hall.

Aristocratic decoration of the hall with round tables
The most suitable for this purpose is a banquet room with round tables. This is one of the most aristocratic options. Despite the fact that a small number of guests can be accommodated at the round table, as a rule, from 9 to 12 people, it is the round tables that can be set in a different order. Moreover, the arrangement of guests in small groups excludes the possibility of someone unnoticed during the holiday. With this arrangement, guests will not experience inconvenience in communicating with each other and with young people.

Wedding banquet with round tables
Choosing round tables for a wedding banquet, you can seating guests depending on the degree of their relationship and acquaintance. In a word, a banquet room with round tables is another way to bring guests together and create close-knit teams for the entertainment part of the festive event.

Banquet with round tables
On the website you will find many useful ideas on organizing and preparing for the wedding, including decorating the room for fun. Note that the design of the banquet hall with round tables should be given special attention. Choose only long exclusive tablecloths, original napkins, unusual bouquets of flowers (including bouquets of fruits) and other equally important accessories. Make sure that the banquet hall is decorated in a single color.

Stylish banquet with round tables
For serving round wedding tables, use beautiful porcelain plates, transparent crystal glasses and silver appliances. Recently, a popular trend is to put a high vase with a designer floral arrangement in the center of each round table. As a result, you will get a very delicate and beautiful room.

Luxurious room design with round tables
For the arrangement of round tables, two main options are used:

The Presidium is at the head of the hall. This is an option in which there is enough space for the scene.
The Presidium is located in the center of the banquet hall. In this case, the newlyweds will be surrounded by guests. At the same time, round tables for guests are staggered.
Wedding banquet with round tables
The popularity of the western tradition – to place round tables in banquet halls is constantly growing. Round tables are an elegant and practical way to organize the most comfortable space for a wedding event.

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