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Menu for a wedding party (options)

The intricacies of compiling a wedding menu almost always frighten future newlyweds, because no one needs to talk about the guests being hungry at the wedding and the kitchen awful. Of course, you can play it safe and order a lot more, but that’s where to put the remaining portions. And the money spent on extra dishes can be used more wisely. What is the most profitable way to emphasize the wedding menu, be it a wedding buffet, a picnic in nature or a full-fledged banquet in a restaurant? How to take into account the quantity and quality of wedding dishes and please guests? Our portal will tell you about this.

In order to correctly draw up a banquet menu, you need to answer a number of questions:

What is the maximum amount you can spend on a menu for a wedding party?Which cuisine do you find most suitable for your wedding?
How many guests will be invited to the wedding?
What time of the year is the wedding planned?
How long will the banquet last?
The answers to these questions will become the keys to the perfect choice of dishes for the wedding table. For example, if the budget is planned in advance and you know approximately the number of guests, you can calculate the desired options for the wedding menu and see if you can include gourmet dishes in the list.

Tip: You should not try to surprise guests at any cost, because if you have a limited budget, simple, but at the same time varied and tasty dishes, rather than a limited number of expensive delicacies, will be the right decision.

Banquet menu for a wedding
Calculation of the wedding menu per person
Planning a wedding in a restaurant or cafe? In institutions of a good standard, the person accepting an order for a certain banquet should be aware of the optimal number of dishes and drinks for one person. If you plan to play a wedding at home, presents approximate figures for the main menu items per person:

Cold snacks – about 350 grams;
Hot snacks – about 100 grams;
Salads – about 250 grams;
Hot dishes – about 250 grams;
Side dishes – about 200 grams;
Fruits – about 200 grams;
A cake or an alternative to a wedding cake is about 200 grams.
As you can see, about 1,500 grams per person. Then you adjust this list to the preferences of the guests, the banquet time and your budget. However, in order to ensure that the guest does not remain hungry, the calculation should be made from 1200 grams.

Wedding dishes
Calculation of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks per person
With alcohol at the wedding, incidents can occur. It is terrible when the guests walked around, and there was nothing more to drink. Panic begins, an additional order of alcohol or running around the nearest shops. Want to avoid this? Pay attention to the standard calculation of drinks for one person:

Champagne – from 0.75 liters per 3 people;
Wine and other low alcohol drinks – from 0.75 liters per person;
Vodka and other spirits – from 0.5 liters per 2 people;
Water and soft drinks – from 1.5 liters per person.
It should be borne in mind that in the cold and hot season, the number of soft drinks is significantly different.

Calculation of alcohol for a wedding
The overall calculation of the wedding menu for 30 people
How to properly compare the necessary grams and prepared dishes so that each guest has enough food? A sample list of the wedding menu for 30 people:

Several types of slices – meat, cheese, vegetable, pickles (about 12-15 servings).
A variety of salads – from mayonnaise to neutral dressings (at least three types, about 25 servings). An interesting decision could be a salad bar, where guests can make a salad to their taste according to the buffet principle. More information about the types of wedding bars can be found on our website.
Hot snacks – depending on the number of servings, at least 3 kg in total.
Main dishes – 70% of meat dishes (including poultry) and 30% of fish.
Garnish – about 25-30 servings of several types, which are served on a common plate.
Desserts – fruits (about 6 kg), ice cream, sweets (about 3 kg).
Wedding cake – about 6 kg.
Strong alcoholic drinks – from 10 to 15 liters.
Low alcohol drinks – from 15 liters.
Champagne – from 10 bottles.
Soft drinks – from 50-60 liters (considering the time of year).

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