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Wedding banquet for 60 people: the golden mean

A wedding is not only a great joy, but also a lot of trouble, and often problems begin even at the stage of rough planning. Take, for example, a very simple-looking question: how many guests to call for a banquet? It seems to be simpler: they counted relatives, added friends, did not forget that they usually invite families to a holiday – and received the total number of those present.

No matter how! If you send invitations to absolutely everyone from the category of relatives and friends, friends, the list grows with incredible speed, threatening to turn the banquet into a kind of mass city festivities. And the choice “by name” leads to a long and emotional discussion: will the cousin of the half-brother of the second cousin of his father be offended if they do not send an invitation? What to do with colleagues at work – to call the whole department (people are not poor, they will bring gifts, sorry for cynical reasoning!), Or limit yourself to a couple of girlfriends?

Wedding guests
Avoiding such puzzles can be quite simple: initially “dance” from the most rational number of guests in this particular case. 100 guests seems a bit much? Is 30-40 too modest? Then let’s decide that the golden mean is a wedding banquet for 60 people.

How many guests do celebrities invite to their weddings?
By the way, weddings of about such a “mass” are often chosen not only by mere mortals, but also by world celebrities, which is confirmed by many marriages that took place in 2011.

Less than 100 people attended the celebration of Prince Albert II and the athlete Charlene Wittstock, after a 10-year romance that decided to legitimize their relationship. The wedding of the Spanish Duchess, who appears in the Guinness Book of Records as the most notable person on the planet (and the richest lady in Spain), Maria del Rosario Caetana Alfonza … and a lot of generic names, was rather modestly. Only a few dozen guests were at the banquet on the occasion of the marriage of actor Mikhail Kazakov, who fell in love with the Russians on the series “Daddy’s Daughters.” A little more than 50 people were honored to attend the star wedding of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva.

So, stopping at the number “60”, you are not modest, but only follow the example of the most famous personalities of the world!

Wedding banquet for 60 people
Toastmaster, photographer and videography for a wedding party for 60 people
Further, as part of the preparation of the banquet, you need to find the host of the evening, a video operator, a photographer, and, if necessary, a DJ. Please note that it is “further”, that is, after the number of guests has been determined and approved! There is a good reason for this: the fact is that most professionals in the field of holding and shooting holidays have their own specialization that has developed over the years.

There are excellent eminent photo artists who are able to take perfect pictures of a wedding evening with 20-30 participants in any room, in any conditions and in any light, but sometimes they are lost at larger festivals. The opposite also happens: let’s say a professional host feels like a fish in water surrounded by a couple of hundreds of guests, but has difficulty imagining how to organize an evening for 20 guests.

When interviewing candidates in each of the areas, do not forget to ask how many people the experts are used to working with.

There is no superfluous place at a wedding!
Now – the selection of a restaurant where the celebration will take place. It is possible that some difficulties will arise with this item: strangely enough, most of the halls are designed either for companies of 20-30 people, or for truly massive festivities. Therefore, you should immediately prepare for the fact that the room will be slightly larger than required; but this is actually no problem.

Study offers, scroll through sites, choose a suitable restaurant location, type of cuisine and price category. And then invite good decorators of festive celebrations, fortunately, there is no shortage of specialists of this kind today. Proper decoration of the banquet hall will turn an excess of space into a colossal dignity!

For example, the “extra” territory can be decorated with flower sculptures or avant-garde structures made of balloons, reserved for the “children’s zone” (if there are families with guests among the invitees). Here you can place a beautifully decorated table with gifts, or equip a corner of romantic conversations under the motto “Who is next?” But you never know what interesting things you can come up with, combining professionalism with imagination!

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