An abundance of wedding dishes
Banquet Organization When organizing wedding banquets, you should consider the location of tables, take into account the tastes of all guests, competently organize the presentation of wedding dishes. The most…

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Getting ready for a wedding party
Getting ready for the wedding, you can reflect on the solution of many issues. Where is the best wedding? How to accommodate all invited guests and solve the problem of…

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Organization of wedding banquets
The festive banquet, its very holding, will leave a bright imprint in your memory. And do not treat the banquet with neglect. These are the moments that you will then…

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Getting ready for a wedding party

Getting ready for the wedding, you can reflect on the solution of many issues. Where is the best wedding? How to accommodate all invited guests and solve the problem of their delivery to the wedding venue and back?

In this article, we will consider several options for holding a wedding banquet.

Option 1. Celebrate the wedding out of town
If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, then for your wedding, the banquet hall located in the countryside is optimal.

By agreement with the transport company, a comfortable bus will take you and your guests to the comfort and tranquility of a country banquet hall directly from the Wedding Palace or the registry office. In addition, you can think over the route of this trip in such a way that guests can get acquainted with beautiful views of the surroundings and architectural monuments located near the city. This will be a great opportunity to introduce nonresident guests to the history and architecture of your city.

Option 2. Celebration in a city restaurant or cafe
During the planning of the wedding, you can familiarize yourself with many promotional offers of city restaurants, cafes and banquet rooms and choose the option that will appeal to you and your other half. It’s not necessary to pay attention only to advertisements that talk about establishments in your area. Expand your choice – you will be guaranteed success.

Preparing for a wedding banquet is better in advance. And it’s also worth talking to the managers of those institutions that you liked more than others. After all, you should never forget that the banquet hall you like can already be occupied. The best option is to book the room in advance.

Be sure to discuss with the representatives of the administration of the banquet hall the following issues:
Is it possible and necessary to bring your own spirits, fruits or wedding cake
find out the amount of the deposit that you will have to leave to reserve the room
Is it possible to allocate a place for dancing and wedding competitions
is it possible to accommodate children (if guests are invited to the banquet with the children)
where will smoking be allowed
how will musical accompaniment be organized in the hall or will you need to solve this problem yourself
what is the best way to decorate a wedding hall, will the restaurant or cafe staff be able to help you decorate the banquet hall
think over and discuss the menu taking into account the preferences and wishes of your guests
Specify the size and form of payment for renting a banquet hall.
Option 3. We hold a wedding banquet at the hotel
Now, options for holding a wedding banquet can be offered to you by many hotels, mini-hotels or hotel complexes. Almost all of them have their own options for holding holidays and celebrations: wedding scripts, a well-thought-out menu and a competitive program. Many hotels will be happy to offer you these options, as well as help resolve issues related to the organization of photo and video filming and the organization of transport wedding services. When deciding to hold a wedding banquet in a hotel, you can decide on the organization of accommodation for invited nonresident guests. There is a place for all guests in the hotel, and the transport company can easily help you and those invited to get from the home to the registry office, and after the wedding, to the hotel. An excellent reason for choosing this method of holding a wedding banquet is the skill and professionalism of the hotel staff, impeccable service and an unforgettable holiday atmosphere.

Option 4. Catering – a new word in the wedding
Catering in our country appeared only a few years ago, but immediately perfectly proved itself as a wonderful way to organize a holiday. The combination of a possible variety of choice of venues for weddings and first-class restaurant cuisine dishes that will be delivered to you and offered in the best possible way – agree that is great! The catering company will take care of all issues related to the delivery and placement of the necessary equipment. Such as: tables, chairs, bar counters and a podium. And also offer you a choice of several menu options. You just have to make a wish and turn the wedding day into a wonderful fairy tale!

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