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Arrangement of wedding tables and accommodation of guests

Have you already decided on the number of guests and the venue of the wedding banquet, approved the festive menu and decorated the hall? We proceed to the next stage of the preparation of the wedding celebration: we select the table arrangement and seating arrangements. There are a great many options for arranging wedding tables, which one will be optimal for you, depends on the number of guests and on individual tastes.

If you are planning a wedding in the circle of your closest, the most convenient will be the arrangement of wedding tables in the shape of the letter “T”. At the end of the table should be put the bride and groom, as well as witnesses and parents. Guests will sit facing each other, which is ideal for well-known people.

If the wedding celebration promises to be noisy, and there are so many guests that it’s difficult to even remember by name, try arranging the wedding tables with the letter “Ш”. At the center of such a complex figure are young people, parents and witnesses.

For the average number of guests, perhaps the option of arranging wedding tables in the shape of the letter “P”. At the head of the table, of course, the newlyweds, parents and witnesses. This figure is especially good if invited by the groom and the bride are approximately the same. If the number of seats allows, it is better to put guests facing each other: in such an environment, it will be easier for unfamiliar people to communicate.

If a lot of guests are expected, and the room where the wedding banquet will take place is small, you can put the wedding tables with the letter “G”. In this case, young people, parents and witnesses can be placed anywhere, the main thing is that they be in one place and that all invitees see them.

For those who plan to hold a wedding celebration in the form of a buffet, the best option would be the American version of the arrangement of wedding tables. Dishes of the festive menu are placed on long tables standing near parallel walls. Guests freely move between these wedding tables with plates, imposing themselves what they wish.

The English version of the arrangement involves a separate wedding table for the young. Invitees are seated eight people around small tables.

A separate table for the young is also provided for by the Italian version, only in this case a small podium is intended for the bride and groom. Guests are accommodated by four people in a semicircle wedding tables standing around the podium.

Whichever variant of arrangement of wedding tables you choose, you must take care of special cards with the names of guests, which are put on plates to avoid confusion during seating. By the way, parents of young people are engaged in meeting and accommodating guests, not newlyweds themselves.

Where to put the bride and groom, it goes without saying – at the head of the wedding table. But about the closest for young people – witnesses and parents – often there is confusion. The following options have taken root in our culture:

from the young side, a witness is seated, from the young side – a witness, the parents of the bride and groom are placed opposite the newlyweds;
on the young side are the parents of the groom and the witness, next to the groom are the parents of the bride and the witness, while the witnesses are closer to the young than the parents;
from the young side, the father of the groom and the mother of the bride sit down, from the young side, the father of the bride and mother of the bridegroom, witnesses are placed opposite the newlyweds;
next to the young is the father of the groom and witness, next to the young is the mother of the bride and witness, the father of the bride and mother of the groom sit opposite the bride and groom.
In any case, one should not offend elderly guests and sit far from the bride and groom. They will be very pleased to sit closer to the young.

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