Classical Wedding Music: Pros and Cons
What can no wedding do without? Right, no dancing. And you need to dance, of course, to the music. You should also remember about such a key moment of this…

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What is the challenge and possibilities of catering?
The main task of catering is holding a wedding banquet, i.e. taking care of the variety of menus, the quality and quantity of food, and the timely delivery of dishes.…

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Gadgets and the latest technology at the wedding: keep up to date!
It is impossible to imagine the life of a modern person without innovative technologies and all kinds of gadgets: phones, tablets, etc. If you want to surprise your guests, then…

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The final chord of the wedding: how to end the celebration?

Effectively complete the wedding, as important as it is beautiful to start. In order for the final of the celebration to be impressive and interesting, you should think in advance how you can surprise guests at the end of the holiday. Portal offers you 10 options: from classic to creative.

Wedding finale
Classic is always in fashion!
You can end the traditional celebration with beautiful wedding ceremonies and rituals:

Removing the veil. This ceremony is carried out in such a way: the mother-in-law removes the veil to the bride, which symbolizes the girl’s acceptance into her family and the blessing of marriage with her son, and puts a scarf on her head – from this moment the girl ceases to be a bride and becomes a wife. Continue reading

Top 10 wedding entertainment instead of banal contests

If earlier, for the entertainment of guests at the wedding, competitions were organized, then modern newlyweds prefer something more creative and interesting. How to entertain guests at the holiday and not let them get bored? Portal has collected 10 interesting ideas for wedding entertainment for you.
Wedding Quest
For a long time they have been carrying out the bride’s ransom in the quest style, because it’s fun and creative, especially if you compare this scenario with a banal ransom in the entrance. So why, at the wedding, instead of banal competitions, it’s not possible to arrange a small quest as entertainment for guests, whose tasks they will perform in between toasts and the main stages of the wedding banquet. Continue reading

Table setting for a wedding: what are the nuances?

Table setting for a wedding is a painstaking work that requires special skills and a creative approach, so it is best to entrust this process to professionals. However, the choice of the bride and groom is crucial, because it is up to them to decide in what color scheme they want to see the future wedding table, which design of the wedding hall is preferable.

Table setting for a wedding
We select a tablecloth
The tablecloth is the most important element of the wedding table, because it creates the main background and mood, from which the designer will continue to repel when choosing napkins, jewelry and other accessories for the wedding. Traditionally, white tablecloths are used at weddings, as they look the most aesthetically pleasing and festive. Continue reading

Social networks and weddings: be in trend!
The life of a modern person is impossible to imagine without social networks. And if earlier they were used only for communication, now social. Networks actively penetrate into other spheres…


How to organize a banquet?
So, how is the organization of banquets and receptions organized? To organize a banquet, you need to make a lot of effort and time, while your life experience does not…


Original wedding ideas: entertainment for guests
A memorable wedding is a fun wedding. A holiday where you can have fun from the heart and charge with positive emotions is sure to be stored in the memory…


How to decorate tables at a wedding party?
A scanty vase with a flower? An unsightly accessory that neither in color nor in design suits your wedding? The standard table layout that guests can see when they arrive…