Catering, or how to organize a wedding at the highest level
Before the most exciting day in life - a wedding - no less exciting chores await you: the bride and groom need to take care of the outfits, think out…

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Arrangement of wedding tables and accommodation of guests
Have you already decided on the number of guests and the venue of the wedding banquet, approved the festive menu and decorated the hall? We proceed to the next stage…

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Wedding Venues: Make The Right Choice
One of the main components of a beautiful and memorable wedding is a perfect place for a banquet. Banquet rooms for a wedding should not only be bewitching by design,…

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Wedding show options

Want to surprise guests at a wedding and create a celebration for the soul? You can safely order a show for a wedding, because today it has ceased to be an unattainable dream and is quite accessible for young couples. Amazement and rave reviews guaranteed. Our wedding portal will tell you about various wedding shows.

Wedding show
Wedding show
Fire show for the wedding
Bright show for the wedding
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Wedding venue: the best option price and level of service

A wedding is an important event in the life of every person, it is a magical holiday! I want this celebration to be unforgettable. And for this we need to think through everything to the smallest detail in order to avoid unnecessary trouble and unnecessary costs.

What points should be considered most carefully?

Firstly, it is necessary to determine the number of guests.

Based on the number of invitees, you will determine the institution in which the celebration will take place. There should be enough space for everyone. Many restaurants and cafes are happy to see you as a potential customer and will be able to offer a lot of options for the celebration. Continue reading

Candy-bar – the sweet trend of wedding fashion

Candy-bar is not just a sweet table. This is a real alternative, and worthy of a traditional and already bored wedding cake.

Candy-bar, ideally, is an assorted variety of goodies. Starting from chocolate bars and marmalade figures, continuing with candied fruits, candied nuts and ending with cookies of various shapes. Cap-cakes can become a real decoration for a sweet wedding table. These cup cakes can be either ordinary-looking, but containing a surprise filling, or strike the imagination with multicolored glaze and extraordinary figures on the “crown”.

Wedding Cap Cakes
Uncomplicated, but very tasty muffins are also a good option for a variety of sweets. Do not forget about the now fashionable dessert – macaroons. Continue reading

Wedding show options
Want to surprise guests at a wedding and create a celebration for the soul? You can safely order a show for a wedding, because today it has ceased to be…


Choosing the right banquet hall
Choosing a banquet hall for a wedding is an important step in planning a wedding. It is in this room that most of the wedding day will take place. Therefore,…


Wedding surprise for newlyweds
On the wedding day, newly made spouses receive a huge number of pleasant words and congratulations, gifts and cards with a monetary contribution to the family budget. However, in addition…


Wedding banquet room. The nuances of choice
Recently, the fashion for celebrating a wedding in an apartment has gone into oblivion, more and more often the couple, even if they are planning a small wedding, are still…